Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vanda fuchs delight x V. Merlilii

Grammathophyllum scriptum var Kiilani

Holltumara Akihito

Vanda Penang Currency

Aranda Iskandar

Vanda Kulwadee

Kagawara Christie Low at Orchid Park, Kuching

Kagawara Christie Low

I have just noticed that the DBKU Orchid Garden is now referred to as Orchid Park.  This name must have been given during the 2nd International Orchid Show 2013, held at the park on the 5th - 9th of September, 2013. The first International Orchid Show was held here in 2011.  The above picture shows the Kagawara Christie Low  has grown big from the last picture in this blog.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Colourful dancing ladies (Oncidium)

Note: Pics above show Oncidium hybrids

Spathoglottis hybrids in purple,red and yellow combinations

I have just added three beautiful hybrids of Spathoglottis in colours of purple, red and yellow and combinations thereof.  These are in additions to other colourful varieties in this blog mainly those in white, yellow and dark purple colours.  

Credits:  The above images were taken at DBKU Orchid Garden in Kuching on 20th August'13, using Nikon D5100